The Career Change Handbook for Performers


"For performers looking to redefine themselves and harness their creative talents for a new career path, the first step should be Ciara Pressler's Exit Stage Right. Ms. Pressler has a perfect combination of experience and savvy to guide the transitioning artist to a career that feels authentic, resonant, and ultimately satisfying."

Betsy Capes, Founder & President, Capes Coaching

"If you are a performer who wants to make a career change and still maximize all your creative abilities, Ciara Pressler's Exit Stage Right is the book you are looking for. Written with insight, clarity and through personal experience, Ms. Pressler guides readers through the period of adjustment and toward a brighter horizon. Excellent!"

Brian O'Neil, author of Acting as a Business: Strategies for Success

"Exit Stage Right is the much-needed roadmap for actors exploring new career options. Ciara Pressler combines her firsthand experience with the principles of smart marketing to create a step-by-step process for performers ready to channel their focus and inspiration into finding a new, fulfilling role."

Dallas Travers, The Actors' Advocate & author of The Tao of Show Business

“I always tell actors, ‘The life of an actor is rarely easy... if you can see yourself being happy doing something else, you should do it!’ Ciara draws upon her personal experience and marketing smarts to help performers determine if they need a new approach to their artistic life or a new career path altogether. This book will help artists create their professional destiny and step into a dream life.”

Darbi Worley, Creator & Host, Everything Acting Podcast

“Finally, there is a resource for actors looking to utilize their innate skill set and creativity and transition to another career path. Exit Stage Right will undoubtedly help those actors who have lost their performing passion regain a sense of artistic control over their lives. Thank you, Ciara Pressler, for honestly sharing your experience and insight and giving actors a sense of focus in moving forward to an unknown horizon."

Jodie Bentley, Actor & Co-Founder, The Savvy Actor