The Career Change Handbook for Performers

Introducing Exit Stage Right Career Resources

Exit Stage Right is designed to be the first step in evaluating your career: what do you need to fix to make it stronger and more sustainable, or how do you identify a new passion to transition your career? If there's a lot of work to be done, you'll undoubtedly need more resources to help you on your journey.

I'm excited to launch the Resources section of - the people, companies, organizations, books, classes, and more that I truly believe provide tangible help to both working performers and those in transition.

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When I was a performer, I tried everything and threw my hard-earned money at a lot of places and people that promised a lot more than they delivered.  There will always be someone out there trying to capitalize on a performer's dream, right?! But in my three years of research for Exit Stage Right and in my past eight years as a marketing consultant, I've encountered a fantastic handful of resources that are doing it right: providing practical career resources and advice at fair prices and with a dedication to excellence.

My pledge to you is this: I will only post resources and people I know and trust.  You'll recognize some from the book; others are recommendations from people who've had success with their offerings.  Most I have experienced personally, whether as a client, consultant, or friend of the creators. Full disclosure: some are my past or current marketing clients - but you should know I never work with companies whose products or services I don't believe in.  It's my mission to get all the good people and solid services connected to those who need them, and put the shady ones out of business!  So I hope you'll join me by checking them out and spreading the word.

*If you'd like to recommend a resource, feel free to email!

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