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Performers: Why Career Change Panic Only Makes it Worse

Keep Calm and Read Exit Stage Right

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Since Exit Stage Right came out two weeks ago, I’ve had some feedback from a few performers that they’re scared to read it.

I get it.  They’re afraid a book on career change will tell them to give up on their performing career and they’re a failure and the past years of their lives were a total waste.  Um, NO.  The entire reason I wrote this book is because I felt like that for years after my transition and I shouldn’t have.

So let’s clear a few things up:

1. Don’t file “Change” under “Failure.” It goes under “Evolution.”  If you never fail, you’re not playing big enough.  It’s only through challenges that we adapt, grow, evolve, and change direction.

2. You didn’t have all the information when you chose your career. Once you’ve actually been in a job or industry, you have much more information about how the game is played than when you were 17, dreaming of your Grammy.  Maybe the realities of the biz are just not how you want to spend your time and talent, or…

3. What we want changes, and that’s okay. Stubbornly holding on to your vision from years ago and insisting you finish what you started when your heart’s no longer in it is foolish.  You end up making bad decisions out of ego and an overly limited view.

4. Information is power. Hiding from the truth doesn’t make it go away, it only makes issues bigger. Gather as much information as possible – about yourself as well as your possibilities – to make the best possible decisions.

Bottom line: self-knowledge always wins, and always pays off.  Explore who you are and what you want now, and your decisions – whether continuing on your current path or creating a new one – will be in better alignment with your truest self.

(Are we cool?  You can download a free excerpt from Exit Stage Right here.)

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Now that Exit Stage Right is about to launch, I want to shine the spotlight on all the people who helped bring this book to life!

I am infinitely grateful for the generosity and insight of these artists, experts, and friends...

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