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Shrink Sessions

ShrinkSessionErinStutlandErin Stutland
Shrink Sessions

Shrink Session is unlike any workout program you have ever done. It will tone and tighten every muscle in your body, but it will also lift your spirit and transform your life in ways you don’t normally see from just a workout.  The program is brought to you digitally through a private Members Area where you are given 4 different Sessions. Each session includes a 45 minute full body workout, a guided meditation, and action sheets containing life coaching practices and tools to help you tap into your desires and create a plan of action for your dreams. The workout itself is a combination of cardio-dance, kickboxing, yoga and inspiring affirmations. Expect to sweat JOY!

"I felt amazing after my first Shrink Session class! Re-energized, not just physically, but mentally. I remember rushing home, finally ready to start taking actions on all these projects I’d been stalling on.Since taking Shrink Session and working with Erin, things in my career sphere have totally blossomed. I turned a huge corner in the way that I approach auditioning, I signed with amazing representation, and the web series that I wrote and created with my best friend was profiled in the New York Times! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Shrink Session leaves you feeling empowered, excited, and full of belief in yourself."
- Alex Fiber, Writer & Actress

A Note from Ciara:
What is a workout doing in a list of career resources??? Erin is not only a former performer, she's an absolute miracle maker at getting performers un-stuck. She fuses fitness with life coaching to get both your mind and body to a higher level. I took her live class when I was starting my business (full disclosure: she was one of my first clients), and it propelled me forward so fast that I not only got my business up and running, but ran my first wall-free marathon on only seven weeks of training. Can't argue with that!