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The Savvy Actor

The Savvy ActorThe Savvy Actor
Crash Course MBA 

The “Crash Course MBA” Weekend on the business of acting is the only one of its kind in NY and LA that teaches you business principles, why they work, how to practice them and what to do to implement them in your career. This course will give you skills to run your acting career AND your life with efficiency and a reason, purpose and strategy. Stop guessing at what’s working and finally know.

When you join the Weekend you’ll learn-
• What you value and the ultimate vision for your life
• Your specific one-year career goal and which actions to take first
• Marketing and sales strategies to get known

“Having been in the business for about 30 years, I found ‘The Savvy Actor’ MBA crash course to be one of the most helpful, informative, instructive, practical and pragmatic courses I have ever taken. In this day and age, this is as important as any ‘Acting’ class. If I had known about these ‘business’ skills and practices 20 years ago well ……… you know the rest!”
- Paul McGrane

A Note from Ciara
If you've read Exit Stage Right (or even the free excerpt!), you know that The Savvy Actor is the industry gold standard when it comes to branding and marketing for actors.  No one works harder than Jodie and Kevin to bring actors practical tools for promoting themselves proactively to agents, casting directors, and the industry.

Check out their Crash Course MBA with a free preview workshop.