The Career Change Handbook for Performers

Why I Wrote Exit Stage Right

I moved to New York City to be an actor right after college and spent five incredible years on the roller coaster that is a professional performer's life. When I realized I was ready to change my career and my life, I couldn't find any resources that truly spoke to why I became a performer, the importance of passion in my career, or how to know what to do if you just might be falling out of love with your first love, performing.

So I developed my own process. I successfully transitioned to a new career that was an even better fit for who I am and what I truly want out of life. I now run my own business and I specialize in showing creative people how to be strategic with their business and career decisions. I've had the privilege of working with career experts, human resources departments, and many current and former performers, and now everything I've learned is in one place for you: Exit Stage Right.

This is the stuff no one told me when I was a performer. This is the stuff I wish I'd known when I started out. This is the stuff they're not teaching in universities and conservatories. This is the stuff that my still-performing, super-successful, gold-statue-winning friends knew before they got big - the stuff that shaped their success both on screen & stage, and in life.

One more thing: there is a lot of emotion surrounding the idea of career change. Some of my performer friends won't even read Exit Stage Right because, to be perfectly honest, they're too comfortable doing things the same old struggling way. What if just one simple tweak transformed their performing career? Hiding from the truth doesn't make it go away, it only makes issues bigger. Gather as much information as possible - about yourself as well as your possibilities - to make the best possible decisions. This book is designed to evaluate where you are, help you make an honest, healthy, true-to-you decision, and be equipped with the tools and strategy you need to be successful - whether as a performer or in a whole new role.

So are you with me?

To your career... to YOU,

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